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SLIMYGLOOP Slimy Sand 1.5lb Bucket


Mold it. Stretch it. Expand it! Immerse yourself in the ultimate sensory experience with 1.5 lbs. of pre-made Blue Raspberry SLIMYGLOOPSLIMYSAND! As soon as you reach in and grab your berry scented SLIMYGLOOPSLIMYSAND from the reusable bucket, you’ll feel the difference — it molds like sand and stretches like SLIMYGLOOP! Pack it into your favorite shape, let it run through your fingers, or crush your creations and watch them expand — SLIMYGLOOPSLIMYSAND doesn’t just make for a less-mess sensory experience, it allows for hours and hours of open-ended play! Collect every color and combine with impression plates, clay tools, and more! Recommended for ages 3 and up.


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