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Paci-Plushies Shakies Pacifier Holder with Soft Rattle

$10.20 $17.00

Paci-Plushies® Shakies combine your baby’s three favorite things!

The Shakies version of Paci-Plushies® combine a rattle, pacifier and plush animal toy in one! Easy for mom and fun for baby.

What makes Shakies so great:

  • Innovative Hug Ring™ fit your baby’s favorite pacifier
  • Easy for baby to handle
  • Soft rattle for engaging baby
  • Helps foster developmental transitions
  • BPA-Free and Phthalate-free
  • Machine Washable
  • Compatible with Chillies Teethers

Innovative Hug Ring™ fit your baby’s favorite pacifier

The Hug Ring™ in the Paci-Plushie® might seem simple, but it’s the innovative key to your baby’s favorite new soothing toy. Fit your favorite pacifier into the ring, dozens of different brands are compatible, from Nuk to Dr. Browns and more.

Easy for baby to handle

The snuggly plush animal is a baby-friendly way to keep the shrill cries of a missing pacifier at bay. Baby’s have a much easier time maneuvering these plush toys than a traditional pacifier.

Soft rattle for engaging baby

The Shakies include a soft rattle inside the animal to entertain baby for hours on end, without driving mom or other small children crazy.

Machine Washable

Detach the pacifier and throw your Shakies in the washing machine. Stains, spills and messes are simple to overcome with this washable toy. Just lay it flat to dry, Paci-Plushies® are not dryer friendly.